A review on freshwater biomonitoring with benthic invertebrates in Ethiopia

Document Type : Review paper


Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Bahir Dar University


This paper reviews freshwater biomonitoring studies conducted in Ethiopia on benthic invertebrates. It encompasses the sampling tools, protocols, indices and taxonomic resolutions researchers used to assess the status of the freshwater bodies. Biomonitoring in Ethiopia is still, in its infant stage and ETHbios is the only biomonitoring program developed for assessing streams and rivers in the central and southwest parts of Ethiopia. Most benthic invertebrate studies use metrics and indices developed in temperate regions. The major problems for its development in Ethiopia are poor taxonomic inventory, the absence of state-supported research, lack of infrastructures to access the water bodies and paucity of equipment for sampling and processing. For future advancement of biomonitoring in Ethiopia state-supported research, biomonitoring training, invertebrate taxonomic inventory, adoption of indices with great care and development of ecoregion based indices are suggested.