Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2, September 2019, Pages 79-100 
1. Effects of stocking density and artificial shelters during the nursery production of giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii (De Man, 1879) in net cages

Pages 76-82

Arlene L. Avillanosa; Krizia Meryl A. Ecube; Mark D. Española; Christopher Marlowe A. Caipang; Herminie P. Palla; Joel G. Becira

2. Physiological and immunological characteristics of red spot disease-resistant hybrid carp named "Surskiy malokostny"

Pages 83-87

Galina Iozepovna Pronina; Petrushin Petrushin; Elena Ivanovna Shishanova; Lubov Anatolievna Rozumnaya

3. The effect of Artemia urmiana, Earthworm, Cow heart and concentrate as supplementary diets on skin color and pigmentation of Oscar fish (Astronotus ocellatus)

Pages 88-93

Masoud Seidgar; Fereidun Mohebbi; Ali Nekuiefard; Mahmoud Hafezieh; Shahram Dadgar; Asad Abbaspour Anbi; Saber Shiri

4. Seasonal variation of parasitic infections in fish Johniuss dussumieri (Perciformes: Sciaenidae)

Pages 94-97

Rakhshinda Khurram Khan; Nasira Khatoon; Faiz Muhammad; Muhammad Shafi

5. The first record of the African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) in Puerto Rico

Pages 98-100

Ruber Rodriguez Barreras; Camille Zapata Arroyo