Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3, June 2021 (International Virtual Conference on Newer Trends and Innovation in Nanotechnology Materials Science, Science and Technology) 
1. The Impact Of Labor Motivation Management On Labor Productivity In Small Business Enterprises

Pages 1-5

Kuchkorov GaybullaFayzullaevich; Boratov BaxtiyorSayfullaevich; Xolliyev SheraliBakhtiyorovich; Kadirov LutfulloKhalimovich

2. An Important Factor Determining The Quality Of Seed Potatoes

Pages 6-8

Ergashev Ibragim Tashkenovich; Oblokulov Feruz; Saidmurodova Zukhra; Begimkulov Ilkhom; Ergashev Ulugbek

3. On Non-Associative Algebra And Its Properties

Pages 9-16

Nosirov S obir Nosirovich; Aroev Dilshod Davronovich; Sobirov Avazbek Abdurashid ugli

8. Diplomatic Protocol Ceremonies In The Gardens Of Amir Temur Annotation

Pages 46-52

Dr. Uljaeva Sh.; Doc. Nazarov Kh.; Ass. Inagamova G.T.; Ass. Gofurova H.G.; Baxtiyorov L.X.

9. Modern Dehydration Detecting and Alerting System for Pregnant Women

Pages 53-57

N. Kripa; Dr. R. Gomalavalli; Oinam Robita Chanu

11. Hand written Alphanumeric Recognition

Pages 69-74

T.Uday Kumar; M.Poorna Hari Priya; S. Rishitha; G. Sai Ram; B. Keerthi Renuka

12. A Systematic Review of the Causes Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Childhood Dental Caries

Pages 75-86

Abdulaziz Ibrahim Almedleg; TAMEM MUSAAD M ALYAHYA; Sultan bandar mohammed Alqasem; Abdullah Mohammed Alghammas; Ali Hazza Alzahrani; FAHAD KAHLED M ALKAHTANI

13. Wipe Film Evaporator

Pages 87-92

Tejas Thakare; Sachin Karale

14. Efficient Route Detection Using Machine Learning

Pages 93-97

N. V. Naik; Sindhu Gonugunta; Tejaswini Dendukuri; Pavan Kumar Vastadu; Sri Varshitha Bobburi

15. Proposing Buckingham Expression for Occurrence of Breaking Waves

Pages 98-104

Hasan Ibrahim Al Shaikhli; Dr. Saleh Issa Khassaf

17. Antibacterial And Anticancer Fatty Acid Produced From Marine Bacilus Subtilis Avsc3: Isolation, Characterization And Biological Activity

Pages 112-122

Chandini S Syed; Amrutha V Audipudi; Lakkakula. Bhagya Lakshmi; Dr. V. Parvathi; Dr. Shaheda Niloufer

19. A Study On Buying Behaviour Of Consumers Towards Samsung Mobiles In Coastal Andhra Pradesh

Pages 132-138

Dr.D. Venkateswarlu; Dr.T. Rajasekhar; Dr.M.Papa Rao; Dr.K. Deepika

21. Customer Analytics Using K-Means Clustering And ElbowModelling With Product Associative Analysis Using Unsupervised Machine Learning

Pages 156-164

M.V.L Bhavani; Nemalidinne Rajamohan reddy; Thota Gayatri; Shaik Roshan; V Chandra sekhar

22. Food Safety of Soft Cheese

Pages 165-168

Fayziev D.; Ishniyazova Sh.A.

26. Impact of Covid19 on Indian Economy

Pages 191-196

Riya Sharma; Dr.Ambica Prakash Mani

27. Impact Of Covid-19 On Employment Across Sectors

Pages 197-201

Rashmi Nautiyal; Dr. Ambica Prakash Mani

28. Covid-19 Outbreak Prediction Through Prophet Base Model

Pages 202-214

Komal Saxen; Aakriti Vohra; Ajay Rana Rana

29. Semiotic Interpretation In Javanese Wayang Kulit Performance Equipments In Deli Version

Pages 215-224

muhammad Natsir; Anwar soleh Purba; Bakhrul Khair Amal; Panji Suroso

30. Effect of Occupational Stress on Job satisfaction and Life Satisfaction

Pages 225-233

Dr.T. Rajasekhar; Dr. D. Venkateswarlu; Dr. K.Chinni Krishna; Dr. K. Deepika

32. Converging Offshore Wind Energy Difficulties

Pages 249-255

Haritha K; Raju L; Dr. Rani Fathima Kamal Basha

34. Disease Detection through Deep Learning Over Data Analytics from Healthcare Communities

Pages 264-271

Muthukumar Subramanian; Bhupesh Goyal; Anil Kumar pandey; Priti Gupta; Bhaskar Kapoor; Sushma Jaiswal

36. A Study Of The Impact Of Merger Of Public Sector Banks In India

Pages 290-304

Dr. K. Yasmin; Dr. S. Sridhar; Dr. Y. Aqther Begam

40. Ecosystem Services Of Wetland

Pages 324-332

Mukunda Madhab Phukan

41. Automatic Detection And Power Shutdown For Gas Leakage And Its Monitoring System

Pages 333-340

D. Lakshmi; G. Ezhilarasi; K. Rekha; G. Jegadeeswari

43. Performance Of A Photovoltaic Luo- Converter With Multiple-Lift Push-Pull Switched Capacitors

Pages 350-357

S. Amirtharaj; D. Lakshmi; G. Jegadeeswari; G. Ezhilarasi

44. A Fuzzy Logic Controller Based SRM With Torque Ripple Suppression For EV Applications

Pages 358-369

G. Jegadeeswari; B. Kirubadurai; Viknesh. S; Dhanasekar. P; Dinesh. R; CK Manoj

51. Real Time Low Cost Automated Production System Using Internet Of Things

Pages 441-448

R. Elavarasi; Dr. C. Nayanatara; Dr.V. Karthikeyan


Pages 446-457

T. Banu; R.Allociuos Britto Raj Kumar; P. Saranya; R. Ramasamy

53. Scada Based System For Controlling And Monitoring Boiler In Ship

Pages 449-458

R Rajasree; G.Tamil Pavai; B Santhosh; B Sridhar; V Rudran; Mohammed Nazeem

56. Experimental Analysis of Aircraft Materials

Pages 464-470

P. Saranya; S. Paul Arokiam

57. Underwater Biofouling Detection Using Image Processing And Neural Network

Pages 468-477

R. Sundar; A.T. Madhavi; P. Veerakumar; Dr.Suresh. A


Pages 484-489

G. Jegadeeswari; T. Kumaran; S. Baskaran; D. Lakshmi; B. Kirubadurai


Pages 485-490

R Nesalingam; R. Mohankumar; K. P. Arulshri; R. Ramasamy; M. Venkatachalam; Banu T

65. Competitive Advantages Of E-Commerce Marketing In Delhi Industries

Pages 506-516

Sanjeev Kumar; Dr.Vijayendra Kumar Shrivastava

66. Human Machine Interface Designed Generator Water Cooling System

Pages 506-512

A.S. Rajan; P. Siva; R. Bharathikanna

68. E-Commerce Marketing Strategies In The Grocery Sector: An Introduction

Pages 517-523

Sanjeev Kumar; Dr.Vijayendra Kumar Shrivastava


Pages 519-525

K. P. Arulshri; S.Selva Kumar; R. Nesalingam

71. The relation among vague filters and Residuated Lattices

Pages 526-531

R. Illakiya; S.Muhamead Sanawaz; Senthamil Selvi; Kavitha .

77. Compressive Imaging Systems For Video Surveillance Applications

Pages 547-552

R. Karthickmanoj; T. Sasilatha; J. Padmapriya

78. Inter Combining Quazi Z Source Network With Matrix Converter For Wind Powered Distribution System

Pages 553-561

Dr.T.Baldwin Immanuel; Mr.P. Rathnavel; A. Suresh; K. Manikandan


Pages 558-562

M.Ramesh Raja; S Naganandhini

81. Emerging Electric Ship: Modern Power Technology And Propulsion System

Pages 562-570

Veerakumar. P; R. Sundar; Dr.S.V. Saravanan

84. Econometric Modeling Of Life Length As A Factor Of The Quality Of Life Level In Uzbekistan.

Pages 571-578

Tursunov R. T; Narzullaveva D.K.; Shermukhamedov A.T.; Abdullayeva D.K.; Shermuhamedov O.A.

86. Analyzing Reliability And Flooding Mechanism In Multi-Hop Wireless Networks

Pages 579-584

J.S. Ashwin; D .Vani; Dr. P.Siva Perumal; S. Satish Kumar

87. "Effect of Hydrogen Bond on Mesomorphic Phases of Binary Liquid Crystal Complexes"

Pages 582-584

S Sundaram; G. Gowrishankar; Suganya B; Tony Diwahar, A

88. Implementation Of A Simplified Nine Level Dc-Ac Inverter

Pages 585-592

Satish Kumar S; Dr M. Sasikumar; Dr P Sivaperumal; JS Ashwin; Kavitha Kumari K S

89. Transparent Concrete –A review

Pages 585-601

LN. Aparna; Beaulah, S; Prabha Rajati

90. Battery Monitoring And Smart Charging Using Iot For Electrical Vehicle Applications

Pages 593-601

G. Themozhi; A. Prabha; P. Radhakrishnan; K. Manigandan

91. Fuzzy – Discrete wavelet Transform aided SCII based IDVR for Mitigating Power Quality Issues

Pages 602-615

P. Sivaperumal; Subranhsu Sekhar Dash; Sathish Kumar; J.S. Ashwin

92. Design and Fabrication of Camouflage UAV

Pages 602-605

A. Balthilak; P. Saranya; K. Karthika; T. Banu; S. Paul Arokiam


Pages 611-614

N. Subha; Dr.S. Naganandini; S. Ramesh Raja


Pages 615-619

S. Mohan; P. Sakthi Illakkiya; S. Saravanakumar; S.Suganya Devi; P. Sindu


Pages 620-626

S.Suganya Devi; K.Amuthambigayin Sundari; A.Anjana Karthiga; M. Banu; A. Anitha; P. Sindhu

99. Smart room Automation using sensors and GSM module

Pages 632-639

P.Vinoth Kumar; P.Sathish Khanna; Arthi J; Arul Rajan P; Arunkumar S

103. Design and Fabrication of Flexible Wing UAV

Pages 648-654

Selvakumar .; R. Ramasamy

105. Convex and Weakly Convex Subsets of a Pseudo Ordered Set

Pages 655-661

Sheeba Maybell; A. Abinaya; Karthik S; Shinduja, V


Pages 675-681

T. Banu; R. AllociuosBritto Raj Kumar; Rosy Subha Hannah; R. Ramasamy

113. Effects of heavy metal Cd on essential metal Zn levels in freshwater fish Channa gachua

Pages 687-698

Muhammad Bilal; Hazrat Ali; Ashfaq Ahmad; Farooq Akbar khan; Khalid Bashir

115. "Effect of L-threonine on the optical properties of (tris) thiourea zinc sulphate (TTZS) single crystal"

Pages 697-704

S.Amali Theresa; V. Shanthi; G.Rajesh Kanna; Aparna V.S; N. Mohan

116. Comparision Of Fuzzy Logic And Pid Controller In Non-Linear System Using Matlab

Pages 699-707

Aravindaguru I; Pugazhenthi C; Porselvi S; Ramya P


Pages 705-710

T. Arun; D. Sasikumar; P., M. Princy; Bavitiraa, R

118. Controlling And Monitoring Of Hybrid Power Station Using Iot

Pages 708-713

Veeramani. P; Charan Babu V; Monesh R; Vinu K


Pages 711-715

T. Banu; P. Karthi

120. Automatic Doorstep Access Point Using Drones(Adapd)

Pages 714-721

Anu roopa devi S; Ragavendra M; Ramkumar R; Santhosh M

122. Intelligent Real-Time Photovoltaic Panel Monitoring System Using Iot

Pages 722-728

Anu roopa devi S; Madhan Kumar N; Kirubakaran K; Dharani raj G

124. Convolutional Neural Network Based Accident Detection And Prevention System Using Iot

Pages 729-736

M. Yuvaraj; R. Dhivaker; R. Narendhran; G. Rajkumar

126. Deforestation Theft Monitoring System Using Load Sensor

Pages 737-743

M. Yuvaraj; K. Arunselvam; C. Dinesh; T. Harish

128. Sensor System For Intruder Detection Based On Ground Vibration

Pages 744-750

Aravindaguru I; A. Abishek; T. Prasanna; N. Tamilselvan


Pages 745-749

V. Rajasubramanian

130. Remediation of Polluted Water by Ecological and Engineering Processes

Pages 750-755

K. Parimala Gandhi; T. Jayaprakash; B. Suganya; V. S. Aparna

131. Body Temperature And Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring Device

Pages 751-758

P. Yuvarani; S. Kowshika; B. Lavanya; K. Snekha

134. Convolutional Neural Networks Based Fire Detection In Surveillance Videos Using Iot

Pages 768-778

P. Veeramani; A.S. Harrish; V. Ranjith; P. Thanigairajan


Pages 794-798

V. Satheeswaran; Shiny Jasmine; Prajith Prakash Nair; S. Raja; S. Mohan


Pages 799-804

V. Satheeswaran; K Sudha


Pages 805-812

V .Sathyamurthy; B. Thirumoorthi; M. R. Vikraman

142. An Integrated Approach To Information Technology Training In Non-Specialised Education

Pages 813-819

Kurbanova Shakhnoza Mavlyanovna; Omonov Alisher Akhmad Ogli; Toguzbaev Fakhriddin Ulashovich; Sindorov Sadriddin Karshiboevich; Pardaev Sherzod Mamasharipovich

144. Improving The Benthofauna In The Fishery As An Indicator Of The Ecological Condition Of The Water Bodies

Pages 834-841

Rakhmataliev Muzaffar Eshdavlatovich; Sayfullaev Siddik Nosirovich; Goyipnazarov Sanjar Baxodirovich; Karshiyev shaymardan elamanovich

147. DiseaseDetectionthroughDeepLearningOverData Analyticsfrom HealthcareCommunities

Pages 864-873

Muthukumar Subramania; Bhupesh Goya; AnilKumar pande; Priti Gupt; Bhaskar Kapoor; Sushma Jaiswa

149. Discernment And Supervising Of The Marine Water Adulterants By Implementing Arduino

Pages 896-904

Anitha. G; Jahnavi. B.S; Jeyashree. J; Kanishma. G; Hema Sai. G.J

150. Important Factors Affecting For Future Pension

Pages 922-928

Mamatov Bakhadir Safaralievich; Khaydarov Askarbek; Nasirov Egamkul Ismailovich; Khomitov Komiljon Zoitovich

151. Comparative Evaluation Of Cyclic Fatigue Resistance Of Hyflex Cm With Newer Gold Treated Niti File Systems: An In Vitro Study

Pages 929-936

Sahithi Reddy; Arunajatesan Subbiya; Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi; Venkatachalam Prakash; Arumugam Karthick; Alagarsamy Venkatesh

153. Discernment And Supervising Of The Marine Water Adulterants By Implementing Arduino.

Pages 951-959

Anitha. G; Jahnavi.B. S; Jeyashree. J; Kanishma. G; Hema Sai.G. J

156. Comparative Study On Classification Methods To Diagnosis The Diabetics

Pages 982-988

P. Dhivya; P. Parthasarathi; Dr.A.Bazila Banu

157. Wireless Sensor Network : LEACH Approach And Aggregation Protocol

Pages 989-994

G. Kanagaraj; T. Primya; G. Subashini

158. A Survey On Knowledgeable Medical Care Explosion System

Pages 995-1001

Dinesh P S; Magesh kumar B; Dr. G. Nalinipriya

161. State-Of-The-Art Techniques On Medical Image Analysis Using Deep Learning

Pages 1024-1031

Dr.N.T. Renukadevi; Dr.K. Saraswathi; Mr.B. Anguraj

162. Automatic Analysis System For Students Behavior In Online Classroom

Pages 1032-1037

P. Ragupathy; Dr. K. Loheswaran; P. Sathish Kumar; S. Deepa

164. Analysis On Energy Efficient Resource Allocation

Pages 1047-1056

Dr.Ramesh C; Sudeshna V G

165. Data Deduplication Techniques: A Comparative Analysis

Pages 1057-1065

*Priya J; Vinothini C; Dinesh P S; Reshmi T S

166. Frame Spot Fixing Using Ced With Alerting System

Pages 1066-1069

Rajeswari. M; Akshaya. V; Vasantharaj. M

168. Determination of Cardiac Output based on Minimally Invasive Impedance Plethysmography in Various Healthy Subjects

Pages 1078-1086

S. Karthikeyani; C.Ganesh Babu; M. Ramkumar; R.Sarath Kumar; G.S. Priyanka; A. Manjunathan

169. Intravenous Fluid Control And Monitoring System

Pages 1087-1093

Kalaiyarasi. M; Kaushik. S; Mohanraj. K; Saravanan. R

170. An Investigation On Automatic Domestic Water Distribution Management System Using Plc Control

Pages 1094-1103

C.Ganesh Babu; S.Arun jayakar; G. Saran; C. Thayanithi; A N Kishore Kumar

172. Cross-Slice Radio Resource Optimization In An LTE-A Network Based On Owl Search Algorithm

Pages 1114-1125

R. Kannan; Leeban Moses; Perarasi .; Ram Kumar Raja

174. Categorization Of Land Area Using K-Means And Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithms

Pages 1134-1140

R Gayathri; T Perarasi; M Leeban Moses; S Giriprasad

176. Investigations Of Drones For Pesticide Spraying In Agriculture

Pages 1150-1159

Dr.Priyadharsini. C; Dr.S. Kannimuthu

177. Covid-19 Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning – An Overview

Pages 1160-1170

Dr Arunkumar , PM; Dr Kannimuthu Subramanian

178. Reliable Luggage Follower Design Using Node MCU

Pages 1171-1176

Dr. M.Janardhana Raju; Dr P G Kuppusamy; Dr.P. Gopinath

179. Decomposition Of Power Flow Used For Optimizing Zonal Configuration Of Energy Market

Pages 1177-1187

K. , Gunaprasad; Dr. Mandadi Surender Reddy; Mr. S. Ramesh; Dr P G Kuppusamy

184. Tablets Monitoring Using Digital Pill For Visually Impaired People.

Pages 1231-1237

Nivetha Kumari. M; Nagapriyadarshini. B; S. Giridharan

186. Artificial Neural Network Based Ocular Pressure Measurement System Using Internet Of Things

Pages 1250-1260

S. Lakshmipriya; V. Parvathy; M. Abinaya; C.R.Suganya Devi

187. A Review On Various Lossless Data Compression Technique For Machine Learning And Iot Data

Pages 1261-1271

Meenakshi Dhanalakshmi; Divya. P; D.Palanivel Rajan

192. Ananlysis Of Oedipus: A Tragic Hero

Pages 1307-1310

A. Madhavi Latha; Dr. Hemanth kumar Mekathoti

194. Perlustration On Vehicle Inspection To Uproot Bribery

Pages 1319-1327

Suthanthara Raja Pushpa.J; Valarmathi. K

196. Prediction Of Street Lights In Metro Cities Using Time Series Analysis In Machine Learning Algorithm

Pages 1336-1345

DR.B. Gopalakrishnan; M. Dharshini; S. Renuga Devi; K. Gayathri

197. Fault Prediction System With Face And Biometric Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Pages 1346-1357

Dr.B. Gopalakrishnan; K. Gayathri; M. Dharshini; S.Renuga devi

198. Web Mining And Web Content Mining -A Brief

Pages 1358-1366

Ms. A. Menaka; Dr. K. Sakthivel; Mrs.K. Pugazharasi

199. Consumer Behaviour Analysis In Social Network Using Big Data

Pages 1367-1374

M. Arumugam; Dr.C. Jayanthi; N. Magesh kumar

200. Ir-Uwb Based Electrolyte Bottle Level For Healthcare Using Iot

Pages 1375-1384

Mr. R. Gopal; Dr. M. Vimaladevi; Ms. V. Sowmitha

201. Data analysis for flood monitoring using Machine Learning and Internet of Things

Pages 1385-1393

Ramya R; Sathish Kumar G; Venkata Uday L; Surya Prakaash P R; Shakthi Rahul K S

202. A Secure Remote Patient Communication System Using Iot

Pages 1394-1401

M Arunkumar; B Nivetha; andn Madhuram

204. Prevention Of Sql Injection Attack Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach

Pages 1413-1424

M.N. Kavitha; V. Vennila; G. Padmapriya; A. Rajiv Kannan

206. Performance Analysis Of Various Community Detection Algorithms For Complex Networks

Pages 1432-1443

S. Nithyanantham; M. Sangeetha; Dr. T. Meeradevi

209. Performance Evaluation Of Machine Learning Algorithm For Lung Cancer

Pages 1460-1468

Ms.M. Pyingkodi; Wilfred Blessing N.R; Dr.S. Shanthi; R. Mahalakshmi; M. Gowthami

210. Using Deep Learning Techniques To Enhance Brain Tumor Diagnosis And Classification On Mri Images

Pages 1469-1474

M. Pyingkodi; T.M. Saravanan; S. Shanthi; T. Sudarshan; R.M. Poornima

212. Prediction Of Diabetes During Covid – 19 Using Cloud Based App

Pages 1489-1498

Dr Sakthivel V; Jayavignesh P; Akshaya Rohith KB; Avinash P

213. A Scrutiny Of Blockchain Technology And Its Utilization

Pages 1499-1504

Sangeetha R; Krishnamoorthi M; Poonguzhali S; Divakar R

217. Home Automation Using Iot – Breaking Barriers And Changing Lives

Pages 1529-1535

K Rajalashmi; A Sheela; T K Pradeep; R Dhinakaran

218. Development Of Portable Multipurpose Computer Numerical Controlled Machine

Pages 1536-1544

A.B. Jai Krishnamoorthi; K. L. Senthil Kumar; S. K. Dhinesh; A. Megalingam

219. Design And Fabrication Of Arduino Controlled Cnc Foam Cutting Machine

Pages 1545-1557

S. K. Dhinesh; K. L. Senthil Kumar; K.S. Prasad; M. Raghunath; S. Madheshwaran; A. P. Gokulraj; Saravanan M

220. Inspection Process For Industrial Parts Using Cnn

Pages 1558-1564

Abinaya M; Suganya Devi C R; Parvathy V

221. Performance Analysis Of Linear Discriminant Analysis (Lda) With Optimization Techniques For Arrhythmia Classification From Ecg Signals

Pages 1565-1571

C. Ganesh Babu; M. Gowri Shankar; G.S. Priyanka; Saravanan Velusamy; K. Vidyavathi

222. Smart Farming And Irrigation Automation Techniques To Improve Coconut And Palm Cultivation Using Iot

Pages 1572-1580

Girinath N; Ganesh Babu.C; Chandru .; Athishc .; Sriram M; Sujithkumar J

228. Advanced Cardiac Health Care Monitoring Using Iot

Pages 1623-1635

T. Nagamani; P. Balasubramaniam; B.B. Aswathy; J. Dakshana

229. Psychological Evaluation Of College Students: A Data Mining Approach Using C5.0 Algorithm

Pages 1636-1645

Dr. D. Saravana priya; Dr. V. Sujitha; Dr. M. Umaselvi

230. Identification Of Credit Card Frau Detection Using Decision Tree And Random Forest Algorithm

Pages 1646-1654

Malathi Eswaran; S. Deepa; S. Hamsanandhini; Shiwangi Ojha

231. Wind Turbine Power Production Prediction Using Machine Learning

Pages 1655-1661

Deepakraja R; Harish M; Kishore Kumar M; Tamilselvan S

234. Projected Virtual Reality Technology In Hotel Management

Pages 1682-1689

M Arunkumar; K Keerthana; N Madhuram

235. Automatic Fastag Toll System Using RFID And Raspberry Pi

Pages 1690-1696

M Arunkumar; J Dhamyanthi; N Madhuram

236. Enhanced Load Balancing In Distributed Web Server Systems Using Document Replication Mechanism

Pages 1697-1704

Dr. P. Murugesan; Dr. V. S. Prakash; Mr. V. P. Srisabarishkannan

237. Machine Learning Based Approach to Identify Neuro-Degenarative Disease using Gait Analysis

Pages 1705-1711

Mr.Kalimuthu M; Mrs.Gayathri priyadarshini R; Mr.Nikhil Amala Jerrin J; Mr.Kishore S

240. Segmentation Using Advanced Deep Learning Techniques

Pages 1729-1738

Karthiga M; Nandhini S S; Sountharrajan S; Santhi V; Sankarananth S

242. A Literature Study on Group Key Management using Huffman Key Tree

Pages 1745-1754

Parthasarathi. P; Shankar. S; Nivedha. S

243. Diabetic Nephropathy Detection Using Bayesian Approach

Pages 1755-1759

Kanimozhi T; Vijay Franklin J

245. Removal Of Haze Using Image Processing Techniques

Pages 1767-1774

jayachitra J; Inith Naveena; elavarasi K

246. Survival Study On Website Phishing Attack Detection

Pages 1775-1784

R.Sakunthala jenni; S. Shankar

247. Smart Surveillance System For Crops From Peacocks Us- Ing Wireless Sensor Networks And Iot

Pages 1785-1794

V. Nivedhitha; A. Gopi Saminathan; P. Thirumurugan; V. Eswaramoorthy

249. Efficient Energy Aware Task Scheduling In Heterogeneous Network On Chip

Pages 1806-1812

Sathis Kumar. K; Dr. Paramasivam. K; Janani T

250. Prediction In Big Data Context On Scalability Of Machine Learning Models For Breast Cancer

Pages 1813-1820

K.S. Chandru; D. Yuvaraj; Dr. C Nallusamy; Dr. V. Priya

251. Skin Lesion Analysis - Feature Extraction Methods Using Dermoscopy Image

Pages 1821-1829

G. Pavithra; Dr C. Palanisamy; Dr S.S. Rajasekar; R.S. Soundariya

254. Improved Security In Steganography By Amalgaming Cryptography And Quick Response Code

Pages 1847-1853

Suseendran Surendran; Nagaraj V; Ramya Palaniappan

255. Implementation Of Emergency Reporting Application For Accident And Disaster Management

Pages 1854-1861

Suriya E; Shivani M; Vishnu Prasad M; Dr Sakthivel V

256. Faculty Rating System For Fully Flexible Credit System

Pages 1862-1866

C Ashvath Narayanan; Sakthivel V

257. A Review On Customer Service Quality In Big Bazaar Tirupur

Pages 1867-1876

Dr. Suja Sundram; Dr. P. Kavitha; Ms.Suchitra S

258. Exploring The Status Of Aquaculture In Assam- Problems And Prospects: A Descriptive Study

Pages 1877-1887

Bidyutt Bikash Hazarika; Debajyoti Dutta Saikia; Amrit Kumar Nath; Manjil Hazarika; Shehnaz Sultana

259. Survey On Various Segmentation Methods For Skin Related Diseases

Pages 1888-1901

K. Deepasundari; Dr. A. Thirumurthi Raja

260. Secure Online Voting System In Smart Device

Pages 1902-1910

Dr.N. Palanivel; Subhashini .; Santhiya .; Umapriya .

267. Iot Based Aquaculture Monitoring And Control System

Pages 1967-1972

Prof.(Dr).M. Balasubramanian; Dr.S.T. Deepa

269. Detection Of Malicious Urls Using Machine Learning Techniques

Pages 1980-1989

Mr.A. Sankaran; S. Mathiyazhagan; Prasanth .; M. Dharmaraj

270. “Salivary Diagnostics” – A Review Article

Pages 1990-1997

Dr. Aiswarya. M BDS; Dr.V.T. Hemalatha MDS

271. Photodynamic Therapy In Oral Lesions

Pages 1998-2003

Dr. Nalini Aswath; Dr. Rajesh. A

273. Peripheral Osteoma Of The Mandible-A Case Report

Pages 2014-2017

P.Venkatalakshmi Aparna; S.Leena Sankari; A. Niranjana; S. Mehazabin

274. Anesthetic Considerations In Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeries

Pages 2018-2023

R.Kanthimathi Kailasam; P.Venkatalakshmi Aparna; S. Leenasankari; A. Praszanth; N. Narmatha

275. Collateral Odontogenic Keratocyst: A Diagnostic Dilemma

Pages 2024-2030

P.Venkatalakshmi Aparna; S. Ramasamy; S.Leena Sankari; Beshia Arnold. A; J.Sathish kumar

276. Psoriasiform Lesions Of The Oral Mucosa- A Misdiagnosis To Psoriasis

Pages 2031-2035

Dr.S.Leena Sankari; Sudha Jimson; Dr. Sangeetha Priya. P

277. Silver Diamine Fluoride : A Review

Pages 2036-2040

Amudha S; Ponnudurai Arangannal; Kashmiri Chowdhury

278. Triple antibiotic paste in primary teeth- A Review

Pages 2041-2044

Aarthi J. Reader; Kaviarasu .

279. Evaluation Of Three Root Canal Irrigants In Their Ability To Remove Smear Layer With Significantly Least Erosio – Ansem Analysis.

Pages 2045-2054

John Paul; Venkatachalam Prakash; Rathakrishnan Mensudar; Vridhachalam Ganapathy Sukumaran; Arunajatesan Subbiya; Suresh Mitthra

280. A Review On Management Of Open Apex In Permanent Teeth

Pages 2055-2061

Ramu Shobhana; Venkatachalam Prakash; Alagarsamy Venkatesh; Paramasivam Vivekanandhan

281. Applications of Chitosan in Conservative dentistry and endodontics: A Review

Pages 2062-2067

Venkatachalam Prakash; Ramu Shobhana; Alagarsamy Venkatesh; Arunajatesan Subbiya

282. Applications Of Bioceramic Root Canal Sealers In Endodontics – A Review

Pages 2068-2072

Ramachandran Tamilselvi; Balashankar Ajay Sathya; Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi; Arumugam Karthick

283. Digital Smile Designing – ‘A New Era’ In Aesthetic Dentistry – A Review

Pages 2073-2077

Balashankar Ajay Sathya; Suresh Mitthra; Newbegin Selvakumar Gold Pearlin Mary; Arunajatesan Subbiya

284. Management Of Horizontal Root Fractures - A Review

Pages 2078-2081

Loganathan Saatwika; Paramasivam Vivekanandhan; Alagarsamy Venkatesh; Arunajetasan Subbiya

285. Two Varied Morphologies Of Mandibular First Molar With Three Distal Root Canals: Case Report

Pages 2082-2088

Sahithi Reddy; Suresh Mitthra; Arumugam Karthick; Venkatachalam Prakash

286. An Overview Of The Role Of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate In Endodontics.

Pages 2089-2094

Alemete Suriyanarayanan Kamali; Ramachandran Tamilselvi; Alagarsamy Venkatesh; Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi

287. XP endoshaper, a new era in Rotary Endodontics- a review

Pages 2095-2098

Suresh Mitthra; Alemete Suriyanarayanan Kamali; Newbegin Selvakumar; Arunajatesan Subbiya

288. Post Endodontic Restorations – An Overview Of Direct And Indirect Restorations.

Pages 2099-2104

Arumugam Karthick; Bharadwaj .; New Begin Selvakumar; Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi

289. Clinical Criteria For Successful Composite Restorations - A Review

Pages 2104-2109

Bharadwaj B; Ramachandran Tamilselvi; Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi; Alagarsamy Venkatesh

290. Clinical Applications Of Chitosan In Dentistry- A Review

Pages 2110-2114

Rajendran Vikash; Suresh Mitthra; Ramachandran Tamilselvi; Paramasivam Vivekanandhan

291. Management Of Vertical Root Fractures – A Review

Pages 2115-2118

Alagarsamy Venkatesh; Loganathan Saatwika; Venkatachalam Prakash; Arunajetasan Subbiya

292. Materials used fordirect pulp capping- an overview

Pages 2119-2123

Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi; Rajendran Vikash; Ramachandran Tamilselvi; Paramasivam Vivekanandhan

293. Pulp Testing -Implication And Advances Pulp Testing

Pages 2124-2128

Arumugam Karthick; Selvam Harish gowtham; Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi; Paramasivam Vivekanandhan

295. Sentiment Analysis And Text Mining Of Online Customer Reviews For Digital Wallet Apps Of Fintech Industry

Pages 2139-2150

Dr.C. Kathiravan; A. Rajasekar; S. Velmurgan; P. Mahalakshmi; E. Chandramouli; V. Suresh; B. Padmaja; K. Dhanalakshmi

297. Prediction Of Transfusion Based On Machine Learning

Pages 2168-2180

Praveen Kumar Donepudi; Naresh Babu Bynagari

301. Importance Of Regenerative Systems In Architecture For Climate Change

Pages 2212-2217

Gautami Prabhakar Bura; Dr. Parag Govardhan Narkhede

302. Phytochemical Screening And Evaluation Of Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory Activity Of Leaves And Flowers Of Law's Ceropegia

Pages 2218-2225

Paresh S. Gaikar; Vitthal S. Shivankar; Ankita P. Angre; Pratap Patil; Kisan B. Pathade; Yashwant Gaikwad; Gurumeet C. Wadhawa

303. Study Of Algal Biodiversity In Panvel Region Of Konkan, Maharashtra

Pages 2226-2233

Laxman R. Rathod; N. B. Pawar; Rajmane D. V.; Laxman Gavali; Gurumeet C Wadhawa

307. Gliomas Autonomous Segmentation Using Advanced Deep Learning Techniques

Pages 2260-2269

Karthiga M; Nandhini S S; Sountharrajan S; Santhi V; Sankarananth S

308. An Analytical Framework In The Rise Of Online Stock Trading In India

Pages 2270-2279

Dr. P. Syamsundar; B. Karthik; N. Manokaran; CA.Karthikeyan Rangasamy; Dr.P. Balasubramanian

310. A Non-Invasive Hearing Aid Using Gsm Module

Pages 2292-2299

R. Pavaiyarkarasi; S. Nithyaselvakumari; Dr. B A Gowri Shankar; Dr.M.C. Jobin Christ; Udhayasankar .

311. Experimental Investigation On Development Of Binder And Mortar By Partial Replacement Of Cement Using Sugarcane Bagasse Ash, Copper Slag And Egg Shell Powder

Pages 2300-2311

Farhaaz S. Pathan; Sagar K. Nagalkar; Ranjit V. Matkar; Bhushan B. Digrase; Manoj S. Palaspagar; Atul S. Donadkar; Vinay Pashine; Sagar Dhengare; Sanjivkumar Harinkhede

316. Student Perception of Online learning during Covid Pandemic

Pages 2367-2374

V. Jalaja Jayalakshmi; V. Geetha

318. Business Strategies for Fashion Industry: Mines and preserves high utility items

Pages 2387-2391

Nandhini SS; Priya R; Saranya DV; Shanmuga Priya V; Sountharrajan S

319. Statistical Analysis and Assessment of Physico-Chemical Parameters in Manasbal Lake, Ganderbal, Kashmir, India

Pages 2392-2402

Jahangeer Mohd Reshi; Manglesh Kumar Jawalkar; Ishtiyaq Ahmed Najar; Ahsan Ul Haq

326. A Secured Dynamic Lightweight Authenticity Mechanism For Iot Assisted WSN

Pages 2486-2492

Vino. T; Srinivasan S; Suma Sira Jacob; Dr.G. Manikandan; Dilavar Basha K

331. Workplace Stress and Mental Health during Covid

Pages 2543-2547

Dr.S.Catherine Rex; Dr.S. Joyce; Mrs.H.J. Shanthi

332. Regenerative And Lora Based Conveying Unit For Armed Force Trooper Monitoring System In Shoe

Pages 2548-2555

Mrs.S.V. Priya; Poothigaivalli. C; Ruth Elizabeth. A; Sindhuja. S

342. An Empirical Evaluation On Proclivity Of Customers Towards Health Insurance During Pandemic

Pages 2643-2652

Dr.D. Ganesan; R. Harshini; S.Praveen Nagulu; V.S. Surya

346. Selection Of The Optimal Anti-Healthy Ointment And Determination Of Biopharmasevic Aspects

Pages 2681-2691

Rizaeva Nilufar Mukhutdinovna; Dustmurodova Shaxlo Jumanazarovna; Aripova Nozima Xakimdjanovna; Baratova Malika Baxtiyarovna

353. Pre-Clinical Studies Of The Preparation "Cobafen" Lyophilizate For Preparation Of Solution For Injection With Solvent

Pages 2747-2754

Abdullaeva Nilufar Kakhramonovna; Shokodirov Rahmonjon Rasuljonovich; Khusainova Raikhona Ashrafovna; Rizaeva Nilufar Mukhitdinovna

354. Prediction Of Data Analysis Using Machine Learning Techniques

Pages 2755-2762

Dr.M. Balakrishnan; Dr.A.B.Arockia Christopher; Dr.A.S.Muthanantha Murugavel; J. Ramprasath

356. The Role Of Uzbek Tourism Culture And Its Historical And Cultural Transformation Processes In Economic Development

Pages 2776-2785

S.A. Nazarova; Bakhtiyor Hoshimovich Mirzarahimov; Ulugbek Abdugapparovich Narmanov; Olim Hamidovich Ortikov; Khusniddin Fakhriddinovich Uktamov

362. Morbidity Pattern Among Transgender-An Indian Perspective

Pages 2823-2829

Manikandan Shanmugam; Kurinchi Kumaran Navaneethakrishnan; Bhaskar Venkatachalam; Rajasigamani Kandasamy; Krishna Prasanth Baalann

363. Application Of New Types Of Insecticides In The Management Of The Amount Of Apple Fruit And Determine Its Effectiveness

Pages 2830-2837

Rakhmonova Madinahon Kimsanboevna; Ergashova Husnidahon Ibrokhimovna; Mirabdullaeva Nilufar Tursunboevna

364. Spinal Tumor In Children

Pages 2838-2840

Ganiyev Mirvorisjon Tulkunjon ugli

367. Review On Job Stress And Coping Strategies

Pages 2871-2885

Dr.Jeya Kumar.K; Dr.Shunmugasundaram. M; Dr.Sankar Ganesh.K; Dr.Murugesan. A; Dr.Sekar. M; Dr.Geetha. R; Dr.R.V. Palanivel

369. Flowering biology of Acorus calamus L. growing in Tashkent

Pages 2900-2907


370. The Effectiveness Of Pharmacotherapy For Dmards With Ra Depending On The C3435t Polymorphism Of The Mdr1 Gene

Pages 2908-2916

Shukhrat Khudayberdievich Ziyadullaev; Ilkhom Islomovich Sultonov; Gavkhar Abdukarimovna Dushanova; Khusinova Shoira Akbarovna

371. Assessment Of The Degree Of Endothelial Dysfunction In Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Complicated By Chronic Heart Failure

Pages 2917-2922

Agababyan Irina Rubenovna; Ziyadullaev Shukhrat Khudayberdievich; Ismailov Jamshid Abduraimovich; Turaev Hikmatilla Negmatovic; Akhrorova Zarina Valerovna

374. Development Of Lexical Competence In Students Of Higher Educational Institutions

Pages 2938-2943

Ibragimova SevaraBaxodirovna; RahimovaGulnoza Sharipjanovna; Tukhtanazarova BarnoAliyevna

376. Problems Of The Formation Of Professional Qualities In Medical Students

Pages 2952-2963

Shokhista SanakulovnaShoyimova; NargizaAsrorovna Mirzaeva; ShakhloRuzmatkizi Mirzaeva

378. Number And Viability Of Pollen Grains In A Single Flower And Pollen Grains In A Single Pollen In Interspecific F1 Plants And Primary Sources

Pages 2971-2979

Nabieva Nargiza Nazirjonovna; Amanov Bakhtiyar Khushbakovich; Ashurov Qodirjon Komiljonovich

379. Improving The Efficiency Of The Use Of Financial Resources Of Enterprises In Modern Conditions

Pages 2980-2987

Nargiza Jiyanova; Shavkat Hamdamov; Dilnoza Tadjibekova; Gafurova Umida


Pages 2997-3004

Prof. Tojiboev Qo’ldoshali Tojiboevich; Muqaddam Madaminovna Ikramova; Mavluda Sohibjonovna Mirzaalimova; Gulchexra Zafarjon qizi Maxmudova

385. Inventory Management System

Pages 3045-3048

Prof.R.S. Sawant; Prof. A.A. Kolpyakwar; Prof.S.A. Murab; Prof.R.V. Deshmukh; Prof. R. M. Raut

388. A Review On Imagist Movement In English Literature

Pages 3068-3078

Laxmi Kirana Pallathadka; Harikumar Pallathadka; Telem Kamlabati Devi; Takhelchangbam Brajeshwari Devi

389. A Study On Science And Climate Fictions As Foretellers Of Catastrophe

Pages 3079-3086

Dr. Laxmi Kirana Pallathadka; Dr. Harikumar Pallathadka; Shoraisam Kiranbhala Devi; Prof. Telem Kamlabati Devi

390. An Empirical Investigation On Consumer Behavior Concerning Online Shopping During Covid-19 In India

Pages 3087-3096

Sanjeev Kumar; Dr. Harikumar Pallathadka; Dr. Laxmi Kirana Pallathadka; Vikas Kumar

392. Systematic Study Of Covid-19 And Cardiac Arrhythmic Disease

Pages 3109-3121

Dr. Laxmi Kirana Pallathadka; Dr. Harikumar Pallathadka

393. Effect of L-threonine on the optical properties of (tris) thiourea zinc sulphate (TTZS) single crystal

Pages 3122-3134

S.Amali Theresa; V. Shanthi; G.Rajesh Kanna; Aparna V.S; N. Mohan

394. Effect of Hydrogen Bond on Mesomorphic Phases of Binary Liquid Crystal Complexes

Pages 3135-3139

S Sundaram; G. Gowrishankar; Suganya B; Tony Diwahar, A

396. Review on Design and CFD Analysis Of Intake Manifold Port For Increasing Engine Performance

Pages 3150-3157

Madana Gopal, R; Arun Kumar, N. K.; V. Rajasubramanian

397. Bird Impact Test On Jet Engine – Analysis

Pages 3158-3164

R.Allocious Britto Raj Kumar; M. Venkatachalam; S. Bairavi; S. Paul Arokiam

398. Automation Of Shops Using Robots

Pages 3165-3168

A. Balthilak; K. Karthika; R. Ramasamy; S.Selva Kumar

399. A Research For Bacterial Self-Healing In Metakaolin Based Geopolymer Mortars

Pages 3169-3183

Prabha Rajathi R; Akila V; Nandhini, V; S. Beaulah

400. Employee Benefit: An Emerging Source Of Conflict Between Employee Expectation And Employer Practice

Pages 3184-3189

Dr.S. Naganandini; N. Subha; S. Ramesh Raja; V. Sathyamurthy

401. Development Of A High Pressure Chamber For Spray Vessels

Pages 3190-3195

Rajan, A. S; P. Siva; S. Satheesh Kumar; Bharathikanna, R

402. Biomechanics Analysis And Optimization Of Instep Kicking: A Case Study To Malaysian Footballer

Pages 3196-3203

Raja Subramanian.V; Siva P; Satheesh Kumar .S; Rajan A. S

403. An experimental investigation on CI engine using biodiesel blends as fuel

Pages 3204-3210

K. P. Arulshri; R. Rosy Subha Hannah; R. Ramasamy; S. Paul Arokiam

404. Recent Trends In Linear Programming: Vehicle Routing Problem

Pages 3211-3216

Mrs.Amali Theresa .S; Mrs.M. GowriManohari; Mrs. Beulah Angeline. E. F; A. Abinaya

405. A review on the tensile properties of natural fiber reinforced polymer laminated composites

Pages 3217-3222

R.Mohan Kumar; S.Selva Kumar; R. Nesalingam; M. Venkatachalam

406. Social Marketing - A Holistic Concept Of Management

Pages 3223-3226

N. Subha; Dr.S. Naganandini; S. Ramesh Raja

407. The Impact of Green Marketing Strategies on Customer Satisfaction

Pages 3227-3235

V. Sathyamurthy; B. Thirumoorthi; Rajanandini .; M. R. Vikraman

408. Effects of Alkaline Solution on Properties of the Hcfa Geopolymer Mortars

Pages 3236-3244

Bala sabari Karthikeyan; Archana anand; Beaulah, S; Ashok Kumar

409. Effect of Fly Ash on The Durability Properties of High Strength Concrete

Pages 3245-3253

Surya CD; Sukumar S; Rameshkumar, S; Nithya Mariya Josephine

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