Statistical Analysis For The Perception On The Organization Culture

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Bishop Heber College, Trichy

2 Associate Professor, Department of Social work, Bishop Heber College, Trichy


Organization culture is complex in nature. The company has its own distinctive personality referred to as its culture. Organization culture is how things done around the industries with the guidelines of the core values, beliefs, processes and standards that thrives in an organization. Our India has different culture because of cultural differences, it is important that the management must be aware of the difference in perception towards the issues to achieve harmony among all the workers. These perceptions emotionally energized that lack of understanding and acceptance of these could cause undesirable conflicts. The main objective of this study is to measure the perception of organizational culture in a private industry. The researcher used descriptive design and the standard questionnaire developed by Udai Pareek for data collection. The scale consists of eight dimensions namely Openness, Confrontation, Trust, Authenticity, Pro-action, Autonomy, Collaboration and Experimentation. The result of the data collection is the accumulation of raw data into a quantitative form. Such data then summarized and subjected to statistical analysis. While analysing the overall organizational Culture more than half 54.5 percent of the respondent are having low culture about the organization, less than half 45.5 percent of the respondent are having high culture about organization.