Species Richness Of Nymphalid Butterflies In Different Habitat Types At Pachamalai Hills, Eastern Ghats, Tamil Nadu, India.

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor Department of Environmental Sciences, Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli.


Butterflies in an area is a signal that the ecosystem is thriving and undertaking baseline studies is essential in conservation of biodiversity and protecting the environment. The present study was undertaken on species richness on nymphalid butterflies at Thuraiyur range of Pachamalai hills in the Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu, India. The survey was carried out in six reserve forests (RF) in three different forest types including tropical thorn forests, deciduous forests and evergreen forests using transect or Pollard walk method. A total of 35 species of nymphalids were recorded in Pachamalai hills with 15 of them were recorded in all the three forests and eleven very rare species. The highest species richness and total population was recorded in evergreen forest with more of very rare species and eight exclusive species. The tropical thorn forest had the lowest species richness and population with more of common species. Tropical thorn forest had on exclusive species - blue oakleaf and deciduous forest had also one exclusive species - the common nawab.