An Intervention To Provide Care and Support for Surviving Families During Covid-19: The Role of Social work

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Asst. Professor, Department of Social Work, Ananda College, Devakottai - 630303 Affiliated to Alagappa University, Karaikudi- 630003, Tamil Nadu, India

2 Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, Bishop Heber College, Affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirapalli – 620024, Tamil Nadu, India


Deaths occurring because of COVID-19 actually cause not only Prolonged Grief Disorders and post-traumatic stress as well, to many persons worldwide. In order of giving top most importance of treating COVID-19 patients, people who had come to hospitals with serious health issues were abruptly denied of getting treatment at hospitals. This also led to the situation of increased deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic. Relatives and friends who had taken part in the death rituals of their beloved ones had a chance to aggravate the infections which additionally increased deaths. As deaths went up at a rocket speed everywhere, the people developed intense grief which further escalated various bereavement complexities. Isolation of patients, self-quarantined of family members from covid-19 patients, restriction of visitors to see the patients either at the hospital or at home, continuous occurrence of deaths at hospitals and most importantly lack of social support fueled these complexities. This results of this article suggests that having a regular communication with family members by social workers and health professionals about the status of treatment and its probable outcome oriented information, facilitating families for paying homage and last respects, and further extending emotional, social and prayerful support and consolation to the bereaved family members by the professional cum skilled social workers would definitely help them cope with the loss and reunite themselves to the realism.