The Impact of of Spiritual and Emotional Intelligences in Employee Engagement and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur


Drawing on Conservation of Resource theory the study examined the role of spiritual and emotional intelligences as personal resources in predicting employee engagement and organizational citizenship behavior among call center employees. Data was gathered from 276 call center employees in the Philippines. Structural Equation Modelling and standard multiple regression were performed to understand the relationship. The results affirmed that spiritual and emotional intelligences significantly predicted employee engagement, spiritual intelligence significantly predicted organizational citizenship behavior, and there existed a positive correlation between spiritual and emotional intelligences. However, emotional intelligence and employee engagement did not significantly predict organizational citizenship behavior. Among the components of spiritual intelligence, personal meaning production significantly predicted employee engagement, and transcendental awareness and conscious state expansion significantly predicted organizational citizenship behavior. The results, implication and limitations were discussed, and suggestions for future research were offered.