Data On Work Life Balance Experienced By Women Police Officials Of Tirupattur District, Tamil Nadu, India

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Assistant Professor,Department of Social Work,Sacred Heart College (Autonomous),ThirupathurDist, Tamil Nadu, India

2 Assistant Professor,Department of Social Work, Sacred Heart College (Autonomous)ThirupathurDist, Tamil Nadu, India


Work life balance is a neighborly and far reaching blend of a person's expert and individual life. There are distinctive part of an individual's life that can affect work at the same time there are various periods of an individual's work which can affect family. Work life is multidirectional; for instance, when singular life intrudes with family life there can be a disrupting impact in the family similarly when there is an impedance of family life in the work life there can be an irritation in the master life. In this fast growing society there are crime rates increasing and law and order is to be maintained properly to have a control over it. In such situations the defense department plays a very vital role in maintaining the law and order in specific the police department. The researchers initiated a study among the police officials in specific the women police officials of Tirupattur Sub Division. Researchers adopted Descriptive Research Design in specific systematic simple random sampling technique was used to collect data. Using this technique the researchers were able to select fifty samples from the total population of eighty women police officials. The collected data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences and the analyzed data was presented in the form of tables and charts for further interpretation.