A Study on Consumer Behavior towards Products of Patanjali Ayurved Limited in Bangalore City

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Assistant Professor, Kristu Jayanti College

2 J Assistant Professor, Kristu Jayanti College


Consumer conduct the way people, gatherings, or associations and all the exercises related with the buy, use and removal of products and enterprises, including the buyer's enthusiastic, mental and social reactions that go before or follow these exercises. The specialist in this examination paper attempts to zero in on considering conduct of clients towards Patanjali Products regarding fulfillment, value, normal fixings utilized. This paper likewise centered around the wellspring of data that clients used to get data with respect to Pantajali items. To direct this investigation a very much planned survey was utilized and 50 respondents were chosen for the examination. In this paper it is discovered that notice is one of the significant hotspot for giving data to clients. Clients currently additionally favor money as the method of installment. This investigation demonstrated the greater part of the clients is happy with Patanjali items.