Eventuating Beneficiary Results Through Flipped Classroom Teaching In Professional Colleges

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Asst.Professor, English Dept. KLEF (Vaddeswaram).


Teaching English to the students in professional colleges is always a heart wrenching and a strenuous job for the pedagogies to maintain interest and curiosity in the courses configured for the semester. Many new trends are emerging in day-to-day teaching methods and one among such interesting methods is Flipped Classroom Teaching. Majority of the scholars and language learners opine that teaching English to raise the level of the students’ interpretation skills, application and analysis is not everybody’s cup of tea. The reasons are many, such as students’ background, their to-do-lists in setting up the language learning time, their perception levels, comprehending and retaining the material they learnt etc. In regular classroom situations students are restricted to pay concentration in the stipulated time and asked to retrieve it at the time of recapitulation. The present paper focuses on the flipped classrooms to be followed in professional colleges which help the students to rise to the level of analysis and application. I hope this paper would throw light for the novice and experienced pedagogies to attain best results by subjugating the flipped classrooms in the present mode of teaching methods.
In this paper a clear examination of how students initiate to frame up the tasks and how they tend to raise to the level of the pedagogies in attaining the subject matter is also dealt. The fruitful outcome of the flipped classroom in comparison to the project basedlearning is also been focused.