Activities To Enhance Effective Communication Using Non-Verbal Communication Skills In Different Levels Of Students

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Associate Professor, Department of English, KLEF, India

2 Assistant Professor in CMR Engineering College and Technology, Research Scholar, Department of English, KLEF, India


This Paper enlightens many by giving perfect tasks to improve the students' communication skills differently by using Non-verbal Communication skills. It's a known thing that if a person has good communication skills, then he/she will get success in his /hers lives. But the real thing is that they are unaware of the hidden fact that they are also very good in Non-verbal communication skills. It is important to a student to understand the importance of effective communication in the present situation. Communication itself is an act of sharing or conveying meanings from one person or groups to another which includes ideas, attitudes, and emotions. Those emotions come under Non-Verbal Communication skills. It is a known thing that Verbal and Non-Verbal communication skills are interlinked and cannot be changed.
There are various activitiesto improve non-verbal communication skills. In Presentations, frequent giving of eye contact with the people gives courage and confidence to share. Dumb Charade is an act where a person has to use different gestures, body language and facial expressions to communicate. Role play is a created situation in which students act out to understand the feelings of others. It helps the students to understand different perspectives.