Use Of Most Popular Digital Education Tools: A Catalyst For Institutional Transformation

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Assistant Professor, Department Of English,VFSTRU, Vadlamudi.

2 Assistant Professor, Dept Of English,KLEF Vaddeswaram, Andhra Pradesh


Digital Tools Are Being Designed To Resolve Problems With Age Old Methodologies And To Develop Student Autonomy In Academics With The Help Of Peer Collaboration, And Strengthen Understanding Between Targeted Group And The Instructors. The Present Article Fortifies On Successful Utilization Of Modern Tools To Succeed In Introducing User Friendly Approaches In The Curricula. In The Digital Advanced Age Of Learning, Educational Tools Which Helps To Improve Knowledge And Skill Occupies Prominent Position In Teaching Schools, Colleges And Universities. Thus This Article Highlights 12 Tools That Enable Fortify Communication Between Teachers And Students In The Typical Classroom Of Modern Era. This Paper Provides Propositions And Hazards That Will Help In Understanding Modern Tool Before Introducing Those Students. This Article Refers To Many Tools Provided Online To Connect Both Student And Teacher; We Can Apply Suitable Tool As Per The Objective Of Our Course And Online Session.