Practical Strategies ToEnhance Speaking Skills (An Empirical Study On Undergraduate Engineering Students)

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Research Scholar, - Department of English Department of English, K L E F (KoneruLaxmaih Educational Foundation)Deemed to be University, Greenfields, Vaddeswaram,Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India

2 Associate Professor, Head- Department of English Department of English,K L E F(KoneruLaxmaih Educational Foundation) Deemed to be University, Greenfields, Vaddeswaram,Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India

3 Associate Professor of English, Department of BS&H,B V Raju Institute of Technology (BVRIT), Vishunupur,Narsapur, Telangana State, India,


Man, in the modern Apps Yuga (Time of applications), can find ample of strategies to speak effectively without flaws. Speaking strategies, just penetrating the surroundings ethically morally and culturally, play a significant and scrupulous role in speaking skills. Strategy is not unknown to the modern man, it has been on the usage ages together to have effective outcomes, Panchatantra would be best example to creative cognitive abilities amongst numb disciplines. The effective speaking strategy can enable the power of speech and sensitize the man’s hidden abilities.
An empirical study has been formulated and effectively conducted with 35 B. Tech I, II- & III-year’s students to know that how best they use effective speaking strategies of Cognitive, Metacognitive and Social Affective speaking strategies. The study was investigated to find out certain hypothetical issues pertain to speaking attributes. Very fascinating and unexpected results were assimilated after through and meticulous analysis of the research problems. Learners never expose and exhibit the speaking skills strategies that are already expected by teachers and language experts as there is a notion that Teacher in the class room or in language lab formulates strategy and forcibly imposes over learners to have effective outcomes but the novice and radical change has been observed in the investigation that leaners can use effective speaking strategies too by just amalgamating and inculcating Cognitive, Metacognitive and Social Affective speaking strategies.
Investigation wordsand Phrases: Cognitive, Hypothetical issues,Metacognitive, Social Affective, Speaking strategies
I. Research Problems (RP)
1. What are possible and effective outcomes of speaking strategies?
2. How can learners effectively use strategies to have good speaking skills?
3. Will there be any enhancement of speaking skills provided learners use strategies?
II. Specific Research Outcomes (SRO)
1. Able to find effective speaking strategies
2. Able to find that learners can use speaking strategies like teachers
3. Able to investigate how best speaking strategies make learners to speak freely with FREE-MIND on ample of platforms.