Short Stories Of Nathaniel Hawthorne: A Dissertation On Feminism

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Working as Assistant Professor in department of English KL University- Vijayawada- AP , India. She is a doctorate with a PhD degree from Sri PadmavathiVishwavidyalayaTirupathi. She has around sixteen years of teaching experience .


Hawthorne’s lifetime (1804–64) covers a period of great rapid change. In the later part of the century,America witnessed a drastic change in social, political and economic spheres. There was a complementary shift in the roles of women. The ambivalence about the role of women in the society was yet a factor which posed challenges to the emerging society.Gender inequality is of greatest interest to the activists who aim at bringing change in the society which otherwise remains static. Feminism is one such concept that has been stirring the hearts of reform minded militants who aspire to bring change in the society. Hawthorne respected the society and the tenets that promoteethical integrity and religious solemnity. His philosophy resonates the norms that ordain the individual to remain in the orbit of righteousness, irrespective of the gender. His ideology with respect to feminism might appear remote in altered societal settings but they do echo the necessity of maintaining the balance, which if ignored could turn perilous human progress.