Teaching Through Innovative Tools ToEnhance Speaking Skills Of First Year Engineering Students In The Coastal Districts Of Andhra Pradesh

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Asst. Professor of English, SRKR Engineering College, China Amiram, Bhimavaram, Research Scholar, Department of English, KL Deemed to be University, AP, India.

2 Associate Professor, Department of English, KL Deemed to be University, AP, India.


Language is a system of communication. Languages endure and prosper by virtue of their role and capacity in the society. To comprehend social relations, there is a need for a typical language. English is the most renowned language globally and the key force of it is universal. In the process of teaching and learning English language, we always need to talk about the communication skills. Communication skills are crucial for a student’s scholastic achievement and future career opportunities. In the current scenario, students must possess academic excellence as well as requisite abilities to improve their learning and employability possibilities in the future. Leaning English is always a complex task for the second language learners, mainly in the context of developing listening and speaking abilities. It is monitored that most of the engineering graduates, today, lack communication skills, mainly speaking skills or oral skills. Speaking Skills are very crucial to have good communication, especially in global communication. Hence, Students, from their first year onwards, must have a focus on improving this ability. This paper mainly adumbrates the significance of developing speaking skill as it is a prerequisite to the first year engineering students to meet the needs of the companies using various tools and methods.