Compare And Contrast Of PadminiAnd Rani From HayavadanaAnd NagamandalaBy GirishKarnad

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Asst.Prof,Dept.of English,K.L.E.F,Vaddeswaram.


India, a country known for its rich culture and heritage and this lies in the subsequence of women. Women have become a major part in this glorious convention apart from their ill treatment. Surely it’s a male dominated society. Hence they hold every opportunity to prove themselves as sensible and influential. GirishKarnad is one of the best playwrights of contemporary Indian English drama well known for feministic exploration in his plays. He portrays women as idealistic, innocent, ignorant, dominating and even revolting sometimes. GirishKarnad presents his female protagonists relevance to modern context to show weakness of male-dominated Indian social system. In this respect, observations on women characters Padmini from Hayavadanaand Rani from Nagamandala are discussed in detail.