Reflections Of Various Psychological Complexities In Cry The Peacock And Lord Jim

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Assistant Professor of English, K L Deemed to be University, Vaddeswaram, Guntur.

2 Professor of English. Dr. Thimmaiah Institute of Technology. Oorgaum, KGF, Kolar Dt., Karnataka.


The psychological analysis of literary texts theobservations are made from the early 20th century in this paper. This analysis study has spread over to various streams such asMedicine, Mythology, Religion and Arts including of Literature. According to Md.Mahroof Hossain opinion, “This psychological interpretation has become one of the mechanisms to find out the hidden meaning of any literary text. It also helps to explore the innate conglomerate of the writer’s personality as factors that contribute to his experience from to the period of writing a book.(Psychoanalytic Theory Used in English Literature: A Descriptive Study, Global Journal of Human-Social Science, p.41.)”The psychological analysis is escorted and made familiarized by Carl Jung, Alfred Adler and Sigmund Freud. However, among all of these analysts, Sigmund Freud is the person, who has championed this psycho analysis movement. Upon all the above said elements, the psychological analysis element is highlighted in literature, by many authors through their brain-child works. Paris in his book, A Psychological Approach to Fiction mentioned that, “Psychology helps us to talk about what the novelist knows, but fiction helps us to know what the psychologist is talking about…. The chief impulse of realistic fiction, however, is neither formal nor thematic but mimetic, and novels of psychological realism call by their very nature for psychological analysis. (Preamble). Hence, some of the writers advocated the mindsets of their characters in their behavior, actions and deeds over a period of time which reflects accordingly in the select works. The recurrent events are showcased by the authors in order to give emphasis on their view point that their characters revolve around the psycho-analytical perspectives. Thus, the proposed paper entitled “Reflections of various psychological complexities in Cry The Peacock & Lord Jim” aims to explore with innumerable psychological complexities, where psychometric elements are vastly observed by the select authors’ works in Modern English Literature.At the end, in conclusion, the repercussions as well as remedial measures are suggested with the justification view points through the select texts.
Purpose of the Research: To identify and trace out various psychological complexities in human nature.
Principal Results: The repercussions of the negative cognizant psychological reflections and remedial measures so as to overcome such problems.
Conclusions: Literature as a replica of society assists to cope up with the circumstances in order to overcome the pessimistic thought provocation.