The Role OfEdpuzzleIn Online English Language Teaching And Learning-A Revolution Through GamificationDuring COVID-19 Pandemic

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Research ScholarId: 193240017 Department of English,KoneruLakshmaiah Education Foundation,Vaddeswaram, Andhra Pradesh,

2 Associate Professor, Department of English, KoneruLakshmaiah Education Foundation, Vaddeswaram, Andhra Pradesh, India


The sudden paradigm shift in teaching and learning due to COVID-19 pandemic is just tantamount to this pandemic itself, as online teaching and learning turned up quite a shock for teachers and learners. Though there have been many Edtech tools even before COVID-19 pandemic, this pandemic furthers teachers and learners' dependence on Edtech tools conspicuously better than ever before. However, teachers and learners had to acclimatize to this unexpected shift in the realm of teaching and learning due to COVID-19. It would be intriguing to see teaching methodologies gain more momentum than curriculum does, during this crisis-hit situation. This shift in teaching and learning emphasizes Bertrand Russell's point of view as in 'More than the curriculum is the question of the methods of teaching and the spirit in which the teaching is given'. During this pandemic, at the outset, many teachers must have found it difficult to teach online using various Edtech tools which they may not have got acquainted with. But the problems with online teaching gradually dwindled, because of the teachers' acquaintance with the Edtech tools. At this juncture, our paper discusses how the Edtech tool Edpuzzle plays an important role in online teaching and learning, how it gamifies the activities and thus intrigues teaching and learning online and how it bridges the gap between teaching and learning online. Our paper would analyse numerous advantages of using Edpuzzle in teaching and learning English online and the very purpose of using it with a few limitations as well.