Life Blood Contribution

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Master of Computer Applications, M.KumarasamyCollegeofEngineering,


The project “LIFE BLOOD CONTRIBUTION” is designe dusing Standard Android 4.0.3platform.The platformused to develop the application is Eclipse IDE(Mars)with Java 1.6 Standard Edition.This project helps to maintain the details of the Blood Banks, Donordetails, Blood donated details and Blood transaction details in full fledged security.Unauthorized persons cannot access the data. In Blood donation, usually donor will donate the bloods at regular intervals to theBlood bank.Blood banks also collect the bloods from the volunteer by conducting the blood donating camps invariousOrganizations. The proposed system has the online facility with the involvements of Donor and the User. It does not need thedirect communication between the user and the donor while compare to the existing system. Just seeking of application andrequesting has been given to the user immediately with using their particular information.This project succeeds the Blooddonation problems and it is playing a vital role and essence for the patients. In addition, the blood requested user’s location canalso be viewed by the administrator using Latitude and Longitude. This web application contains the following modules.AdminModule, Blood Bank Module, Donor Registration Module, Blood Donate Entry Module, Blood Search Module and BloodrequestModule.