The Significance Of “Mobile Assisted Language Learning” (MALL) In Developing Literacy Skills Among ESL Learners In A Digital Age

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Associateprofessor,Dadi Institute of Engineering and Technology

2 Sr.Assistant Professor of English,Department of Mathematics &Humanities,Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology,Gandipet, Hyderabad, Telangana State

3 Seshagiri,AssociateProfessor,Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering,Tadepalligudem

4 Designation: Faculty in Dept of English,Organisation: RGUKT, RKV, AP-IIIT

5 Assisstant Professor ,Aditya College of Engineering,Technology and Management


This research focuses on “Mobile Assisted Language Learning” as a resource
tool that can assist language learners. It aids in implementing 2.O mobile applications for
ICT-based blended learning, hybrid learning, flipped classroom pedagogy, and advance
English learning. ESL students have adequate oral English abilities to deal with academic
challenges and live their lives as entrepreneurs or successful professionals. ESL learners
are used to casual contact. They must overcome their uncertainty and intrusion to generate
genuine learning chances and language creations through mobile language learning. As a
language learning technique, mobile education combined with digitalized references has
become valuable instruments for the young generation in practically every country
worldwide. In today's modern technophobic world, the limits of English as a foreign
language are gradually dissolving. ESL learners are relatively accessible in practically all
countries and effortlessly seek the knowledge given through cell phones.