Quantitative estimation of Bismuth (Bi) Plated Felts for Achieving Battery Efficiency of Fe‐ Cr Redox Flow

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Professor, Department of Science and Humanities, Anjuman College of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur.


To catalyze Cr (iii)/Cr (ii) redox couple, bi turned into used as catlysts. Bi has an incredible conduct on discount and oxidation of chromium couple to decorate the performance of Fe-Cr redox flow cell. In this gift investigation catalysts carbon felt substrates were used as electrodes on poor side which had been electrochemically plated/ loaded with bi. A bathtub which include 10g / l Bi 2(So4)3 and 800g / l H2So4 become established via electro-triumphing method. Felt samples have been used as cathodes, and anodes were used as inert graphite plates. To date BiCl3 has been carried out as an element in anolyte to the electrolyte. Bi steel changed into electroplated in these studies on carbon felt surfaces that have been used as electrodes on the cell's bad side. The carbon felt electrode samples were plated with bi up to 12mg / cm2 further to h2o2 treatment and these were used in the bad (Cr) aspect of the rfb. Felt samples had been used as cathodes, and anodes have been used as inert graphite plates.