Remote monitoring of Agriculture sector using IOT

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Dept Electronics & Communication ABES Engineering College Ghaziabad, India


Agriculture sector has been the backbone of India. The contribution of the agricultural sector in the GDP has been much higher than the world average. Though it has been falling gradually primarily because of climate change, increasing water shortage and unawareness of farmers about optimal conditions and precision farming. Smart agriculture, which includes automated and directed information technology implemented with the IoT (Internet of Things), is a solution to all these problems. IoT is advancing everywhere, leveraging the quality of products and increasing the production many yields. The agriculture sector has been lagging in being connected to IoT because of the current expensive solutions. In this paper, we introduce a concept for sector based smart and precision farming most importantly cheap in cost using IoT, which senses the weather and soil conditions of the farm like soil moisture, and temperature, which is then used to irrigate the field accordingly. It is connected to mobile app via the cloud service, which can be used to view the data and control the actuators accordingly.