The Impact of Ethics in Educational and Sociological Scenario: A Study

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Education- Philosophy- Education, N E H U, India- Dibrugarh University, India- Dibrugarh University, India


Society is a collective body comprising mainly five processes namely cooperation, competition, conflict, accommodation and assimilation. These five processes give shape to the society. However it is not an easy task to define society because it consist of many elements like family, school, law, religion ,culture, politics, economy etc. which performs their functions appropriately for its welfare. Individual and society have close relation with each other. In other words society itself educates and trains its individual members for its own nourishment. According to the structural functionalism theory society can only be run smoothly when efforts of its elements functions ethically and appropriately. Any imbalances in functioning will make society disorganised. Hence, ethical education should be the part and parcel of individual life. It protects us from vice and strengthens our conscience and incurs peace in individual life and society. Therefore, ethics plays an important role in our society. It directs our behaviour and regulates our actions. Our society is composed of various elements. In this paper an attempt is made to discuss about these elements of society and also an attempt is made to discuss the impact of ethics in developing the elements of society.