Evaluation of cow ark enhanced Plectranthus Amboinicus for the potential of antioxidant, antimicrobial, and larvicide potentials – in vitro

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Pharmacognosy lab, Department of Animal Health and Management, Alagappa university, Karaikudi 630003.

2 Nithya Assistant Professor, Pharmacognosy lab, Department of Animal Health and Management, Alagappa university, Karaikudi 630003.


Background: Current scientific investigations are receiving an increased interest in developing novel drugs from natural origin, specifically, herbal sources for Human health care. The prime objective of the investigation was designed to evaluate effects of cow ark (distillate), that has been reportedly, and believed to be, a bio enhancer, with a selected plant extract, Plectranthus Amboinicusand their impact, on the antioxidant, antimicrobial, antibiofilm formation and larvicide abilities, using in vitro animal models.
Methods: The antioxidant ability of cow ark, with extract of Plectranthus Amboinicus, by employing, DPPH method, to determine the scavenging behavior. Phytochemical composition was strictly screened, and reported. Antimicrobial activity was performed, using a well diffusion method. The Larvicide ability was determined by employing the protocol, described by WHO. The Anti biofilm formation was also examined under light and confocal laser microscopy.
Results: In the screening of phyto constituent composition, results revealed that Alkaloids, flavonoids, phenolic and terpenoids were detected in dominant. Antimicrobial ability was shown to be effective against Gram negative pathogens such as E.Coli. Developing bio film was arrested when treated with cow ark was reported. Larvicide effects of the bio enhancer in cow ark showed maximum 10 mg/ml. concentration against mosquito larvae of Aedes aegypti, indicating a candidate potential of larvicide action against mosquito larvae.
Conclusion: The present study concluded that cow ark with a plant extract showed a promising therapeutic effects to combat in the battle, against threatened infectious pathogens. Examined cow ark, served as a bio enhancer with Plectranthus Amboinicus to activate and improve potentials of cow ark bio molecules to offer effectiveness against disease curing biological actions.