Impact Of Covid-19 On Small Town Individual Investors

Document Type : Primary Research paper


MBA 1stYear, St. Francis Business School, Bangalore


The outbreak of coronavirus in India has been troublemaking for economic activity. Approximately all the sectors have been badly affected as household demand and export of goodssharplydropped.Aseverycoinhastwosidespandemictoobecamecoldforsomeand a boon for others. Before the pandemic small-town investors used to invest in the mutual funds, gold, land, etc. after the pandemic they were not able to invest the money due to the financial crisis. SIP collections drop to 96000 crores in the 2020-21 the fiscal year. Despite the challenge’s shops, businesses related to daily essentials have seen a sharp increase because of restricted travel due to preventive measures taken by the government as lockdown. Entrepreneurship survey shows that more than 60% of the small business in India areconfidentthatbesidesslowdownandnegativeimpactduetopandemictheirbusinesswill recover and continue togrow.In my research, I have gathered information from individual investors of small-town using electronicmedia.I have received information through news papers,editorials.Ihaveanalyzed there lieffundallocated by the government and how it help sto small-townindividualinvestors to grow. This research study includes only individualinvestors.