Cloud Security Solutions Through Machine Learning- Approaches:A Survey

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Research Scholar

2 Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Global college of engineering and technology, Kadapa.

3 Professor,HOD, Computer Science and Engineering, JNTUA College of Engineering, Ananthapur, A.P


Large-scale computation, data storage, virtualization, high efficiency, high reliability, and low prices are among the cloud computing services that are made available to the consumer. The storage of data in cloud is more sensitive to users as it is stored in the third party storage and it is one of the major problems identified. Data protection consists of a variety of regulations, protocols, processes and techniques, which operate together to secure cloud-based services, networks and data. All these protection mechanisms are intended to secure data, secure customer privacy, and promote compliance with regulations and set system and user authentication guidelines. Cloud security issues are DDoS threats, violations of privacy, lack of privacy and insecure access points. Researchers have performed an investigation into many intrusion prevention methods for cloud infrastructure detection of intrusion. Most of them address conventional intrusion and anomaly detection strategies and concentrate on best practice in cloud protection, such as server &security for virtualization, host and middleware, and device and data. The current study concentrates on issues related to cloud computing and machine learning. Problems with potential significance are known as related open problems.