Communicative Language Teaching In Virtual Classrooms - An Overview

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor, Department of English, Yogi Vemana University,Kadapa, A.P India .


The Pandemic situation warranted the teachers to take a relook at the approaches of
teaching and learning. The concept of communication crucial in English Language
teaching is conspicuously missing. Today the fraternity of English teachers as they deal
with digital natives needs to fine tune their pedagogical tools banking on technology. But
it is also pertinent to safeguard their role and its sanctity amidst swarming sources. The
concept of CLT has certain useful insights for ELT practitioners which are worth
following considering the current trend of virtual teaching. The coral aspect of building
competencies also demands attention. The web sources which exist in plentitude often
confuse the teacher affecting the learner outcomes. The present paper Communicative
Language Teaching in Virtual Classrooms – An Overview endeavors to discuss the
relevance of CLT offering insights on the need to build communicative competence.