Caste, Labour And Migration Through The Progress Of History: A Case Study Of Balangir District Of Odisha

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Associate Professor P.G. Department of History Berhampur University Odisha, India-760007



Caste, Labor and Migration are crucial branches of historical studies in recent times. Balangir district is an important region of Western Odisha so far as the migrations of the labourer from lower castes and tribals are concerned. The service provider castes and tribals of the Balangir district are today in Deshantar (Migration). Debt always binds the workers with contractors. For ages, the Dalit and tribal labourers faced challenges because they are considered impure, untouchable and illiterate. They were often degraded and humiliated by the upper caste people in society. The seasonal and survival migration of labourers is not a present phenomenon in Balangir; nevertheless, more than 150 years ago, the Britishers mobilized labourers to commercialize Agriculture and other governmental purposes. Due to climate change and feudal mindset, thousands of labourers migrated to the different urban centres for survival and admittance within few decades. The theme of this study focuses on the migration and the exploitative situation of labourers from the colonial period to 2010. An attempt has been made to address climate change and feudatories on mass migration to different urban centres of India.