The Use Of Myths And Legends In Creation Of Story In Modern Uzbek Prose

Document Type : Primary Research paper


PhD Head of the department of the Uzbek language and literature of Tashkent state pedagogical university named after Nizami


This author analyzes Isajon Sultan's story In the footsteps of Hazrat Hizr". In the story, the author interprets this image, which is typical of the mythology of all the people of the world, as an image that is known among different peoples by different names. The story "In the Footsteps of Hazrat Hizr" is studied as a work of motifs of folklore and the story of Hazrat Hizr, which is widely spread among our people. The myths and legends about Hazrat Hizr are combined into a single plot line based on a certain system. It is scientifically based on the fact that in this story, which is composed in the form of short stories, the quality of Hazrat Hizr's generalized image is shown.