Synthesis and Temperature sensitivity of Er3+green upconverted Luminescence in yttrium oxysulfate phosphor

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Physical Science, Rabindranath Tagore University


Infrared-to-green upconverted emissions of Er3+-doped Y2O2SO4yttrium oxysulfatephosphor have been studied in order to develop an optical temperature sensor both in the biological range, from 296 up to 330 K, as well as in the industrial application range up to 475 K. Strong green, red, and near-infraredenergy transfer-induced upconverted emission were observed when exciting the sample at 980 nm. In particular, the green thermalized bandsshow a relative sensitivity with temperature of 1.1%K-1 at 296 K,among the highest found in literature. This result suggests that theEr3+-doped yttrium oxysulfatecan be used as an optical temperature sensor by exciting in the infrared range for biomedicine and industrial applications.