CLBEOR: Cluster Based Load Balancing Energy-Aware Optimized Routing Algorithm With Energetic Routing Optimization Technique In Wireless Sensor Network

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Department of Computer Science (PG), PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore, India

2 Assistant professor, Department of Computer Applications, Dr. N.G.P Arts and Science College,Coimbatore, India


The applications of Wireless Sensor Networks have got vital application domains in modern era especially in monitoring and tracking of events, and without human intervention. In WSN, sensor nodes are considered to have short life duration appropriate to continuous sensing and consequently the battery drains quickly. Under the heavy load energy utilization condition sensors in close proximity to Cluster Head expire quickly and initiate energy-hole problem. Thus, optimal usage of available energy is a key challenge in WSN assisted applications. To overcome these issues, this paper proposed a Cluster based Load balancing Energy-aware Optimized Routing Algorithm (CLBEOR) with Energetic Routing aware Kernel Fuzzy Latency Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm (ER-KFPSO) is performed with four major steps; Clustering, CH selection, Energy Utilization and optimization-based route identification for data transmission. The proposed load balancing optimization (Pathadjustment) is used for optimal route selection from cluster head to the sink node. The performance of CLBEOR is compared with the existing optimization-based routing algorithms. It shows an improvement in terms of packet delivery ratio and packet delay ratio as compared to other existing PNLP and KFPSO algorithms.