A Conservation Approach on Auxins Impact in Shoot Growth of Tinospora species.

Document Type : Primary Research paper



A study was carried on Tinospora crispa and Tinospora sinesis stem cuttings by using two nodal stem lengths. The stem cuttings were treated with different auxin concentrations and controller (without hormone) was taken. Stem cuttings of the plant has potential to develop new individuals like parental plants. The length of mature stems around 10-15 cm long were slantly cut and placed in the soil mixture (soil + vermicompost) in equal ratios 1:1 to produce new shoots & roots of stem cuttings. The effect of different auxin concentrations on stem cuttings after 40-60 days was recorded. Treatment of maximum shoot lengths of Tinospora crispa were noted at 500ppm NAA i.e., 88.12±17.10, whereas the Tinospora sinensis was noted at 400ppm NAA i.e., 79.70±2.80 respectively.