Comparative Analysis On Various Workload Balancing Algorithms With The Proposed Time Based Load Balancer (Tblb) Algorithm For Efficient Resource Management In An Academic Cloud Computing Environment

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor, UG Department of Computer Applications, Bishop Heber College (Autonomous), Affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Trichy-17.


Resource Management plays a vital role in Cloud Computing. Especially in an academic scenario, the usage of cloud must be in an optimum manner. Effective usage of cloud resources helps to avoid the underutilization and overutilization of the virtual machines at an IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) level.
Workload must be analysed and need to be distributed evenly among all virtual machines available on host machines. Proper balancing and distribution of workload helps to attain the effective resource management in an Academic Cloud Environment. In an academic scenario, usage of resources are predefined. Hence allocation of resources could be done in an effective manner.This paper deals with the analysis of various load balancing algorithms that is used to load and schedule a workload in an academic cloud environment. Based on the performance metrics, analysis of various load balancing algorithms carried out using Cloud Analyst Simulator. Various performance metrics of each load balancing algorithm is discussed and analysed in a simulated environment.