Technical Review Of Apache Flink For Big Data

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications, Bishop Heber College,Tirchy-620017

2 Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, St.Joseph College, Tirchy-620002


Enormous amount of data are produced day by day that leads to the development of Big Data. The main characteristics of big data are categorized as high volume, high velocity, high variety, and high veracity. These Big data’s has to be analyzed properly to produces an enhanced result that will be useful or needed for the organization/business for better decision making. The information got from the big data is considered as intelligence that can be utilize by the business/organization while taking decisions and these data will provide a better operational efficiency. The data has to be processed with a help of software application. The developers build a platform that provides the need known as framework. There are so many frameworks are available as an open source for processing the big data to get the desired intelligence. In this paper, we are analyzing the various technical features of Apache Flink. Apache Flink is one of the popular open source frameworks that are used for both batch and stream data processing.