Performance Evaluation of IoT enabled Green Irrigation System (GIIS) for Agriculture and Gardening Field

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor,Depart of Com.Applications,Bishop Heber College, Affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli-620 017, Tamilnadu, India.


The major problem in the world is the scarcity of water. Being an agriculture centric country, the water resources available in India are exhausting, which is a perilous threat. All over world, agriculture is a demanding field that provides vast number of jobs. Large amount of water is consumed by agriculture field. However, wastage of water in agriculture field is unavoidable. Daily greenhouse operation involves watering the plant which is the important cultural practice and labour-intensive tasks. People enjoy to plant trees, maintain gardening, getting their benefits and feeling related to nurturing them nowadays. Keeping the environment healthy, cleaning air naturally and producing oxygen are the aspects in which plants are helpful to all human beings. These aspects motivate to design smart and effective automatic IoT enabled Green Innovative Irrigation System for farming or gardening. To address the issues related to watering the plants daily for those who cannot water the plant due to their busy schedule or when they go outside for long time, this proposed system is helpful. ATMEGA 328 microcontroller is used in this system to programme to receive the input signal of varying moisture condition of the soil through the sensing arrangement. It also indicates the temperature level of the soil, water tank overflow as well as low water level in the water tank and automatic motor ON/OFF facility and watering the plants along with specified amount of fertilizer additionally. All the activities are monitored and reported to the user mobile using GSM mobile application.