Congestion Free Mechanism (Cfm) Using Mobile Adhoc Network

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications, Bishop Heber College,(Autonomous),Trichy, India


In mobile computing broadcasting and searching a data plays a virtual role and satisfying the customer needs without delay, by resolving the network issues (accuracy in data , time , Qos) of data exchange in Mobile Adhoc network ( MANET).Random search of data by radio- frequency leads to congestion and data loss. In this continuous search of data without time interval cause congestion/collusion /data repetition in network data loss and Mobility environment creates the distance, data loss and congestion in network. To improve the quality of data in time and to overcome mobile network issue using our new technique congestion - free mechanism in MAC –layer, which follow the carrier sense Multiple Access (CSMA) congestion avoidance technique to improve the data transmission our CFM will be helpful. Number of re-requesting (routing path) is reduced so, time – delay is reduced between nodes. Our CFM is simulated and the performance will be discussed analytically.