Discernment And Supervising Of The Marine Water Adulterants By Implementing Arduino

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Assistant professor, ECE , RMD Engineering College, Chennai.

2 Scholar, ECE , RMD Engineering College, Chennai.


Each and every year, Millions and billions of pollutants and plastics were found across the ocean. Where does it come from? How do we clean up? Is it a serious threat to human society? Will it cause serious contamination and spoil the marine wealth of our world? Marine water adulterants are a serious public concern because of its various disadvantages and harmful consequences on living organisms. It is an integration of chemicals and wastes, which may be due to industries and natural outcomes. Karenia brevis is the harmful bacteria which causes red tide. The marine water pollution is one of the biggest threats to human society and also for the marine organisms. Plastics are the main perils to the forthcoming generations. The marine water is filled upto 60-90% of micro and macro plastics and other adulterants. Even a plastic bottle can last upto 450 years in the ocean without decomposing. Ocean pollution is whole scale, aggravating and constituting danger to human lives and prosperity. The metals that are found in the ocean are highly malignant which includes mercury,cadmium,selenium,lead and other organic compounds. The marine water pollutants are discharged into the ocean by the three main ways ;1. By land (industrial run-Offs, untreated water, usage of pesticides and fertilizers) 2. By air (usage of harmful gases and burning unwanted chemicals) 3. By transportation (spillage of toxics due to ship wreck). It can be identified by the sensors and by the Arduino.MQ7 PH Sensor, Inductive Proximity Sensor are some of the sensors to detect adulterants in marine ecosystem.