Quality Assessment Of Sorghum Grain Using Image Processing Techniques

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Computer Science Engineering, SDM College of Engineering and Technology, DhavalagiriDharwad,Affiliated to VishweshwaraiahTechnological University, Karnataka, India.


With a rise in health problems, one of which is malnutrition, in the present work, an attempt is made to find the best quality products of one of the finest and nutrient-dense grains, sorghum. We intend to accomplish this by acquiring data using digital processing techniques and then applying a grading system to give information to consumers about the quality of the grains being used.
The main objective is to introduce a low-cost quality assessment technique of digital image processing system for Sorghum grains. Sorghum is one of the most nutrient-dense grains whose quality is determined by its size and colour. Sorghum grain sphericity, aspect ratio, and shape factor can be determined from the dimensional measurements that are processed using Digital Image Processing. Manually determining the factors of the grain is a tedious task with lesser accuracy. Image processing techniques developed in this study is suitable for measurement of sorghum grain shape and the different quality of sorghum can be separated based on their shape.