Description of middle -east flower scrab, Oxythyrea cinctella (Schaum, 1841) (Coleoptera:Scarabaeidae:Cetoniinae) from Sulaimani Governorate Kurdistan region-Iraq

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Bakrajo Technical Institute, Sulaimani- Kurdistan region –Iraq


The present work includes a details description of middle - east flower scrab, Oxythyrea cinctella Schaum, 1841 from Sulaimani governorate Kurdistan region-Iraq. The species was collected from the flowers of some weeds and orchard trees during the period of April till July 2021. The species can be easily distinguished by the labrum dark yellow bilobed, posterior margin deeply emarginated at the middle. Antenna lamellate with three flattened segments apically. Lateral margins of pronotum with white line elongated oval white spot, posterior margin with two round white spots. Elytra with 14 irregulars white spots. Parameres hook like. The important taxonomic parts, labrum, mandibles, antenna and male genitalia have been photographed. Localities, plant hosts and date of the collection have been mentioned.