Analysis Of A Composite Drive Shaft For An Electric Vehicle

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Automobile Engineering PSG College of Technology Coimbatore, India


The weight decrease of the drive shaft can have a specific part in the overall weight decrease of the vehicle and is an exceptionally higher objective. The steel that are used to manufacture these kinds of the shafts leads to consumption of energy due to its weight. To avoid these kinds of energy loss, composite materials are used. It is realized that energy protection is one of the main targets in vehicle plan and decrease of weight is one of the best measures to acquire this good range of electric vehicles. In this project, examination is done on drive shaft with various composite materials with various proportion mixtures and concludes that the utilization of composite materials for drive shaft would induce less amount of stress which furthermore decreases the weight of the vehicle. CATIA is the modelling software used to design the drive shaft assembly and ANSYS is the analysis tool used to carry out analysis with different composite materials.