Performance Analysis Of Product Code Using TLDPC And SCCI-Turbo Codes Over Fading Channels

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Research scholar, Department of ECE, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India – 641004.

2 Professor, Department ofECE, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India – 641004.


In this modern information era, network size and users are increasing day by day. The development of communication systems evolved to digital format from analog format became part of life and caters to various applications like basic voice services, video broadcasting, HD video calling, Home automation, and artificial intelligence. So that data traffic, user density increases exponentially. This needs a data system with more capacity to handle this high volume data communication without error. This makes it a necessity to optimize Error Detection and Correction (EDC) coding as per the present scenario. The error detection and correction code is a method that adds redundant data to empower the robustness of information over the noisy communication channel. This motivates to find a coding scheme to succeed in the channel having high error probability. In this proposed scheme, the Turbo code is combined with TLDPC code as the product code system. The turbo codes are good at handling burst error since it has interleaver in its usual coding process. This is designed with an algorithm of single-column constraint interleaver which exchanges data from a single row to a different column. The performance of the proposed technique is observed over the AWGN channel and Rayleigh channel with the metrics like Bit Error Rate, Signal to Noise ratio, Eb/No. The product of TLDPC and Turbo code reduced the BER to 0.8*10-6atthe Eb/No of 5.5 dB for addressing the Rayleigh channel. Also, it reduces the BER to 0.6*10-6 for the SNR of 2.6 dB for addressing the AWGN and Rayleigh channel.In the AWGN channel, it reduces the BER from 10-4 to 10-5.