A Web Based Application For Tracking Public Transport And Predicting Usage

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Department of IT, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.

2 Department of IT, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore


The application aims to address the problem of pattern analysis and predictions of business assets usage. The main goal is to provide business insights and recognize patterns of utilization of assets—whether the assets are employees, books, bicycles, so on—against the behavior of a variety of external factors, and to predict the usage by way of a Linear Regression algorithm with multiple variables to predict usage patterns for better clarity, and better financial decision making in areas like budget, marketing, etc. In the proposed work, the business is considered as a public bus company and the assets are buses, since it is a socioeconomically beneficial use case. Using a system of stops and 3 overlapping routes, The application reports on bus journeys and predicts passengers, according to several parameters. This can be generalized for any business with assets that need monitoring and have varying levels of availability. For example, restaurants (assets here could be the wait-staff or tables, and so on), furniture rental companies, libraries, etc.Based on collected data, and performed correlations between dependent and independent factors, a linear regression algorithm will project the frequency of bus usage for the next duration of time (week), in accordance with various factors like routes, capacity, etc, and also external factors like weather (precipitation), month of the year, etc.Specifically, this work would help make the public transport system more efficient, and therefore environment-friendly, economically more viable, more accessible and easier to use for the general population.