Optimization Of Gating Systems For AZ91 Mg Alloys

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Metallurgical Engineering PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore - 641 004, India


Nowadays, Magnesium alloys are being used in variety of engineering applications such as
automobile, aerospace and biomedical industries. The main objectives of present
investigation is to study the the influence of three different mold designs on casting quality
of AZ91 Mg-alloy. Click-2-software was used to simulate the flow pattern of melt,
temperature and porosity distribution in the final castings using VOF approach.
Furthermore, the influences of pouring temperature, mold material and die preheating
temperatures on porosity of final casting were also investigated. Simulation data revealed
that mold design with proper gating systems made out of carbon steel (preheated at 4000C)
produced sound castings as compared to other mold designs.