An Implementation Approach Towards The Automation Of Document Formatting Using Python

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Computer Application, PSG College of Technology Coimbatore– 641 004


Documentation is an essential component for reporting / documenting the work
done. Manual document formatting might lead to some minor human errors which would
remain unnoticed for most of the time. Documents like project report, research papers,
thesis etc. often require a certain set of rules and standards which needs to be followed
strictly. If the formatting is not done according to those rules, it might even result in
rejection of the document. Automation of document formatting will help in solving these
Automation helps in speeding up the documentation process by automatically making
corrections in the user’s document by comparing it against a template document. The
template document will have the formatting rules to be followed and using which the user’s
document can be validated and verified. Thus this process would not just eliminate minor
human errors but also reduce a lot of human effort and time.
The users can access the automation tool through a web application interface which would
allow them to upload and format the document based on a particular template and also
allows the user to create new custom templates.