An Overview On Wireless Power Transfer For Electric Vehicles: Technology And Its Status

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering, PSG College Of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.


Electric Vehicles (Evs) Will Be One Of The Possible Solution Future Transports,
Which Is More Essential Due To The Environmental Concerns And Depletion Of Oil
Resources. Conversely, The Technology And Facilities For Charging Is Lacking, And Also
Possibility For The Owners Of The Cars To Forget To Plug In. Wireless Charging (WC) Of
Electric Vehicles Using The Inductive Resonance Principle, Can Provide Automatic,
Secured, And Effortless Charging Solution For Evs. WC Systems Paved A Path For On The
Move Charging Called As Dynamic Charging, Which Helps To Increase The
Mileage/Charge, Reduce The Battery Size And Hence Vehicle Weight And Cost. In This
Paper, Techniques Available For WC, Inductive Coupled Charging And Issues,
Organizations & Institutes Involved In The WC Research And Their Status Are Reviewed.