Significance Of P-Delta Effects In High Rise RC Structure In Various Seismic Zones

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Civil Engineering, PSG College of Technology,Coimbatore, India


Indian codes deal with Linear static (Equivalent static method) and linear dynamic (Response Spectrum method) methods of analysis. Guidelines are also given for Non-Linear dynamic analysis (Time history analysis) for the lateral load analysis. IS codes are silent about the guidelines for geometric non-linearity in the structure. In the case of low or medium rise structures, the geometric non-linearity will not have a significant effect, but for high rise structures, geometric non-linearity becomes a major issue. In this paper a G+50 storey RC structure with vertical irregularity is considered in such a way that P-delta effect is significant and the structure is analyzed by Linear Dynamic analysis as per IS codes and P-delta effects are included and analyzed as per ASCE code. The results such as displacement, storey drift, storey shear are compared and the significance of P Delta effects in high rise structure is studied.