Live Health Monitoring and Mining Menace Detection Using Light Fidelity (LiFi)

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Associate Professor, Department of ECE, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India


The never-ending need for coal and other renewable resources, requires huge mines to be dug up, involving numerous people working in hazardous and unreliable conditions. The people working in such mines are susceptible to dangerous environmental conditions at all times which leads to death of such workers more often. These conditions are difficult to monitor without placing someone’s life at risk. The older methods of mine condition monitoring involved using a person to go down and report back. This method is however dangerous as the person who is monitoring a specific hazard could be harmed by that very same hazard. This type of first hand monitoring is invasive. The proposed methodology which uses LiFi will be responsive enough to overcome these hazardous issues. This LiFi based health monitoring system will monitor the vital signs of people working in hazardous places like coal mines and transmit information in case of emergency. The worker's pulse rate is measured using a pulse sensor, the temperature of the place is measured using DHT11 Temperature sensor, and the presence of poisonous gases is detected using MQ135 gas sensor. The collected data is transmitted through LiFi and further stored in cloud using an IoT device. LiFi is deployed in order to avoid slow transmission of data encountered in other modes of data transmission. Thus, LiFi based systems can pave way to a new era of technology due to its high possibilities of being deployed in the near future.