Priority Based Smart Traffic Control System For Emergency Vehicle

Document Type : Primary Research paper


department Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering, Psg College Of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


Major Problem That Is Being Faced By Everyone Day To Day Is Traffic
Congestion. Traffic Congestion May Occur Due To Many Reasons Few Being Poor
Infrastructure, Uneven Distribution Of Development. In Developing Countries, The Traffic
Lights Use Fixed Time Concepts Where The Duration Of Lights Are Independent Of The
Traffic Density. This Yields Poor Traffic Control And Severe Traffic Congestions. Nowadays
The Traffic Control System Is Quite Inefficient. There Are Many Situations Where The
Traffic In Different Lanes Varies Due To The Timer-Based Signalling The Less Dense Lane
Also Need To Wait For The Set Time. The Main Aim Of This Work Is To First Detect The
Presence Of Any Emergency Vehicle Along With Estimating The Number Of Vehicles In
Each Lane. Based On A Smart Traffic Control System, Priority Is Given To The Lane With
Emergency And Restoring The Mode To Normal And Then Prioritizing The Lane With
Higher Density.