Development Of Colour Changing Fabric Using Thermochromic Pigment In Combination With Coffee

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professors, Department Of Fashion Technology, PSG College Of Technology


The Thermochromic Dye In Combination With Coffee Was Applied To A Cotton
Fabric Prepared By Stitching The Nichrome Wire In The Weft Direction. The Fabric Was
Dyed In Isolation, In Combination With Coffee In The Ratio Of 1:1, 2:1 And 1:2 With And
Without Mordant. The Nichrome Wire Was Joined To Allow The Current Flow Through
The Fabric That Generates Haet In The Fabric. The Colour Changes Gradually With The
Increase In Temperature And The Colour Values Were Observed At Varying
Temperatures. The Wash Fastness Properties Of The Samples Were Obtained To Be Fair
In All The Cases.