An Approach For Data Storage Security In Cloud Computing

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Research Scholar, MJRP University Jaipur, India

2 Research Guide, Principle, LBS PG College, Jaipur, India


Cloud computing provides software, hardware, and Internet services to resources. Computers, software, data access and storage services are available in Cloud Computing without end-user knowledge of the service and system configuration. Cloud computing enables customers and companies, using their local hardware resources or software administration, to save data remotely and to use high-quality apps on request without a danger to the security of cloud data accuracy. Data storage on the cloud was an excellent subject in these days. This is because people save vital information and data in the cloud. Cloud service providers should trust users to give their data with security. Cloud storage services prevent cost saving services, avoid software costs, keep employees up and improve performance, reduce storage costs and provide scalability and cloud services via the Internet, Increasing their exposure to security vulnerabilities. However, the safety of large enterprises is one of the major drawbacks preventing them from using the cloud environmentt. This study looked at different storage techniques and their benefits and disadvantages.[1]